Products for specific customer requirements

Our innovative approach and capability as a service provider make us a reliable and preferred partner to customers. This applies especially to designs and layouts with special requirements.

Based on our renowned expertise in development and manufacture, we have demonstrated what we are capable of manufacturing inductive components to meet specific needs. Whatever your requirement for specialist generators, stators, power chokes or any other inductive component, we are happy to support your projects and deliver high quality products and services.

In the construction of prototypes, series production or special format products, we are able to fully meet customer requirements which makes us your first port of call when you need specialist inductive components.

The following are examples from a range of many other available specialist products.

Transformers and chokes for rail applications

Electrotechnical components for rail applications must be constructed to a specific standard. The required calculations, production and inspection present no problems to our specialists. In addition to a need for compact designs, we also include lightness and effectiveness in the construction of the required components.

Air and water cooled field coils

A field coil is an energised wire coil for electric motors and generators. The coils are wound on special devices. The wires are bonded and formed into the required shape. Cooling takes place either via natural convection or using water cooled wires.

Motor winding

On customers’ request, we are able to wind ultracompact motors (rotors and stators) for aerospace applications.