Techpower Electronic Group –Innovating since 1975

Techpower Electronic Group has been built by merging power electronics companies, to be a European leader in inductive power components which aims to offer high-quality, innovative and efficient products to its customers and markets.

History of the Techpower Electronic Group

Milestone dates:


  • MCT is acquired by the new group
  • The schwa-medico Group integrated Tech Power Electronics and Tech Power Electronics Group is created.


  • Schneefuss + Rohde GmbH is acquired to complete its product offer for high power applications. The schwa-medico group is created.


  • schwa-medico purchased Manfred Schmelzer GmbH in 2014 to increase its portfolio with inductive components for low power applications.


  • schwa-medico extended its product range with transformers and industrial products.


  • schwa-medico was founded by J.B. Kreutner, to make high-quality medical products.